Meggie's Fireburn Stunt in action:

Worldfest - Houston: Won the BRONZE REMI Award

Bare Bones Festival - BEST ANIMATION award

Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2015 Program: Washougal, WA Friday, August 6th. 5pm. The Art of Tiny Stories: Conversations with the Filmmakers in Washburn Auditorium Choir Room Sunday August 9th. 10pm. Blaze Down at Angaelica Farms on the big outdoor screen!

Fire spreads east! Fire Ripples won 2nd place in the Micro Action category at the 2015 Indie Gathering International Film Festival! It's selected to screen Sunday, August 30th in the Micro Film Block at 3:40pm in Screening Room A at the Clarion Inn in Hudson, Ohio! What an amazing week. Fire Ripples won 2 awards this week and has also been selected for Action On Film Festival!

Fire Ripples won a Best Shorts Competition Award of Recognition! Thank you and Congratulations cast and crew!

Fire Ripples is an Official Selection of Action On Film 11th Annual International Film Festival! September 18-27, 2015 at the incredible Krikorian Premiere Theatres in Monrovia, CA.

Fire Ripples at Intendence Film Fest:

Fire Ripples won an Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition for Film Short!

Fire Ripples screens at Other Venice Film Festival in the Music Score category October 9 -11th! Congrats to Fire Ripples Composer Hector Paradeda with Hedamusic!

March - Fire head east! Fire Ripples has been Accepted to Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival! The Motor City Horror Expo showcases and celebrates the latest and greatest independent horror, sci fi, & exploitation films from around the world

April's been a fiery month (even though it snowed a lot in Colorado). Fire Ripples won 1st Place in the Micro Fantasy category at Horror Hotel, an Award of Merit for Cinematic Excellence at Rochester International Film Festival, Honorable Mention at the Super Hero Short Film Fest, was Nominated for a North American Film Award, screened at Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival and Movie Park Adventure & Action Film Festival, and was Accepted to the Top Indie Film Awards. Thank you

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