Meggie Maddock as Mamie Van Doren in "The Creep Behind the Camera" - SCREAMFEST, LOS ANGLES

October 15, 2014



The Creep Behind the Camera was an actual filmmaker named Vic Savage; a real scumbag whose only real skill was in his uncanny ability to convince the residents of 1960 Glendale, California that he was making the biggest, the BEST monster movie ever made! The true story of Vic Savage, aka Art Nelson and the making of his monster opus The Creeping Terror (1964) is told in the narrative dark-comedy The Creep Behind the Camera. A hilarious and wholly disturbing look at human nature and delusional demagoguery, The Creep Behind the Camera is a roller coaster ride that takes a nostalgic but cautionary look at the era of drive-in cinema at its very worst.

Directed By: 


Pete Schuermann


Produced By: 


Nancy Theken, Kyle Woodiel


Written By: 


Pete Schuermann


Main Cast: 


Josh Phillips, Jodi Lynn Thomas, Bill LeVasseur and Laurel Harris


Premiere Type: 


Los Angeles Premiere


Film Type: 



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