Meggie - Set To Play Tracey Williams in Hunter's Game 2014


A psychic teen tries to maintain a normal life, while waging a secret war with fate, in order to save lives by influencing future events.


When 17-year old HUNTER WILLIAMS can no longer ignore his psychic visions, he begins to play a dangerous game with fate, and as each of the deadly crimes he tries to solve or prevent leads to unforeseen consequences, he discovers that his interference has also put him on the trail of the man responsible for his mother’s unsolved murder.

Since his mother and sister’s brutal killings years ago, Hunter has been fighting his dark psychic abilities and trying to hide his secrete from family and friends, while maintaining a normal teenage life, complete with sports, girlfriend, and good times.

ETHAN, Hunter’s EMT father has spent most of Hunter’s life protecting him from those who would encourage or exploit his dark gifts, and that protection includes keeping Hunter away from his uncle BRAYDEN, a homicide detective who is back in town on the trail of a child serial killer.

When Hunter has visions of a local young girl getting kidnapped and murdered, he feels compelled to stop the crime from occurring, which leads to a deadly encounter with the very serial killer Brayden has been hunting.

A young woman with similar abilities, ALAYNA, who also has a history with Brayden, can tell that Hunter is special and tries to guide him to his powers, but Hunter is resistant. Little does Hunter know that with each vision, each action he takes, and each crime he stops, he takes one dangerous step closer to his own dark fate.

Each episode will see Hunter’s visions leading him on exciting and often deadly investigations and adventures with the help of his best friend NOAH, as he tries to keep his secret life, and abilities, from his friends and family, and tries to evade Brayden’s curiosities as he comes closer to discovering and finding his mother and sister’s killer.

Hunter’s Game is mix of dark mystery, supernatural mythology, and family, mixed with crime procedural elements.

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