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Actress and Life Obsession:

She’s been touted for greatness in some circles and MEGGIE MADDOCK is steadily heading into buzzworthy territory as a compelling young actress. It’s evident that she rates highly in the looks department, bewitching us as much as how the perennially sexy Maggie Grace does. I was actually supposed to do an online interview with MEGGIE but seeing how stunning she is, I’ve jumped the gun and decided to shine the spotlight on her today. It’s ending the year 2013 on a high and certainly this Actress Obsession Blog was borne out of my endless admiration for blonde actresses. MEGGIE is playing the iconic Marilyn Monroe in the Leonardo Dicaprio produced drama “Dear Eleanor” and with the vixenish allure she exudes, stepping into those sex symbol shoes is deservedly merited. Directors have praised her dedication and verve, rising above being just the semblant beauty, MEGGIE will captivate and astound us. Her role as Novella McClure in the horror feature “Eat” borders on the freaky with her starring as a bizarre woman with a craving for flesh…her own flesh that is! MEGGIE shows she has the gravitas to pull off what is a disturbing take on one’s addiction.

We need more films of women dealing with the darkness of their own making and “Eat” is set to be a gem in this sub-genre of indie horror. Just the sight of a blood-covered MEGGIE from the trailer (above) is tantalizing hypnotic! With her involvement in several enthralling projects coming up, visiting the MEGGIE MADDOCK OFFICIAL SITE is a given. Get to know one of the most irresistibly gorgeous faces at this present moment and who has impressed every time she takes to the screen. MEGGIE could well be in the frame to make it big!

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