DIRECTOR: Jimmy Weber

Producer: Annie Baker

Editor: Jimmy Weber

Screenwriter: Jimmy Weber

Cinematographer: Jon Stevenson

Principal Cast: Meggie Maddock, Ali Frances, Jeremy Make, Dakota Pike, Maru Garcia

Denver director Jimmy Weber was stranded in traffic one day and had a revelation while chewing on his finger. As a horror-film fan, he felt that too often gory films were only about the gore, so why not have the special effects instead signify ramifications of the American Dream?

Ironically, the City of Angels can ingest your very being and spit it out as if you never existed. Hollywood is littered with pilgrims seeking a taste of stardom. Struggling actress Novella McClure finds solace from audition rejections by chewing on her finger. Pushing 30, Novella mulls over the idea that maybe acting isn’t her calling. Best friend Candice urges her to press on. Only porn roles are offered, and the anguish has McClure masticating. Finding herself entangled with questionable psychiatrists, pathological cutthroat competition, and mad rapists, compulsive Novella needs the ultimate nourishment.

This is Weber’s third film screened at Starz featuring edible special effects, highly stylized visuals, and a climax that would make Mola Ram proud. Some exteriors were shot on location, but the majority of EAT was shot in Denver under Arctic conditions. “It might be a strange mash-up,” says Weber, “but that's the kind of movie I would want to see, so that's the kind of movie I wanted to make.” An engaging combo of camp and cerebral, this is one horror film with a lot of heart.

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