Meggie Maddock Joins David Hess in the "House That Wept Blood"

Actor David Hess loves his horror-related house tales. First it was Wes Craven's 'The Last House on the Left' then Deodato's 'House on the Edge of the Park'. Well the 67-year old actor is back and this time he's on the right side of the law as he takes on 'The House That Wept Blood'. First time helmer Stanley Scott Bullock (who co-wrote the script alongside Michael Butterfield) will take directorial responsibilities on this little known project."

A woman praying that life will normalize once her husband, Chris, returned home from a tour of duty in combat, to her horror, discovers that some things aren't as they seem and others will never be the same again."

Hess will play Detective Marsh and is joined by actors Meggie Maddock (pictured below), Jimmy Drain and Amanda Sides.

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